Tom Dannemiller is helping America’s Small Businesses succeed!


Offering full-service accounting, tax preparation, and payroll for small businesses, and professional services at an affordable price! As a Tom Dannemiller client you will receive more comprehensive and useful reports with a customized, personal service.


The benefits of selecting Tom Dannemiller...


Tom Dannemiller has solved one of the biggest problems facing the American small business - how to obtain professional accounting services at an affordable price. Tom spends more time with each small business client; a market all but ignored by the accounting profession. Tom Dannemiller specifically addresses the needs of small businesses. Clients remain first in everything Tom does and his approach is not only revolutionizing the accounting profession, but also the American economy.

Tom Dannemiller is able to efficiently satisfy the needs of the small business at a price they can afford . Tom Dannemiller will fill the needs of small business owners, helping them to succeed financially.


Tom Dannemiller selects only the most qualified professionals. Each accountant’s experience, combined with specialized small business training program, results in a team that can assist every small business as it grows.


Tom Dannemiller can also be very valuable in bad financial times as well as in times of growth. Our reports can be used to foresee and head-off potential cash flow problems in time for the small business to recover and return to profitability.


Our FREE, no obligation consultation...


Our no obligation, initial consultation allows us to introduce our innovative and affordable concept to prospective clients. We explain who we are, the benefits of using Tom Dannemiller, and what our program offers; and at surprisingly low rates. As a business owner, you can’t afford to pass up the opportunity to work with Tom Dannemiller.


Professional services at an affordable price...


Tom Dannemiller allows his accountants to spend more time with each client. The no-charge professional consultations (to go over reports and tax plans) provide the edge small business owners need to succeed. The most valuable consultation occurs at the beginning of each new relationship. Our client business analysis and setup is a comprehensive review performed for every client. This 2-3 hour consultation is critical for both the accountant and client. The accountant gains an understanding of the client’s business, and spends time explaining important IRS record keeping requirements. The accountant also provides each client a comprehensive guide to keeping these records. Because we understand the small business market, we inform, educate, and provide inspiration to help clients form good record keeping habits. We educate clients about IRS forms and reconciliations, and discuss general business and tax planning issues. Tom Dannemiller makes a difference in each and every client’s business. We want to be there - today and tomorrow - to lend our support

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